Yoonji Kim

Her research in human-computer interaction focuses on designing interactions and systems for novel user experience using emerging technologies. Recently, she creates systems that empower makers in prototyping interactive objects (software/hardware) by applying AR, Voice User Interface and AI.

She earned her Ph.D. (Industrial Design) and M.S. (Culture Technology) from KAIST, and B.S. from Ewha Womans University (Computer Science). She also experienced as a software engineer/researcher for ten years in various companies (Samsung Electronics, Motorola, and LG Electronics).

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SchemaBoard: Supporting Correct Assembly of Schematic Circuits using Dynamic In-Situ Visualization (UIST 2020 - to appear)

Yoonji Kim, Hyein Lee, Ramkrishna Prasad, Seungwoo Je, Youngkyung Choi,Daniel Ashbrook, Ian Oakley, Andrea Bianchi

In Proceedings of UIST 2020 (to appear).

DOI | Paper | Source code and material

HeyTeddy: Conversational Test-Driven Development for Physical Computing (IMWUT 2019/Ubicomp 2020)

Yoonji Kim, Youngkyung Choi, Daye Kang, Minkyeong Lee, Tek-Jin Nam, Andrea Bianchi

Proc. ACM Interact. Mob. Wearable Ubiquitous Technol.3, 4, Article 139, 21 pages.

VirtualComponent: A Mixed-Reality Tool for Designing and Tuning Breadboarded Circuits (CHI 2019)

Yoonji Kim, Youngkyung Choi, Hyein Lee, Geehyuk Lee, Andrea Bianchi.

In Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ‘19).

PokeRing: Notifications by Poking Around the Finger (CHI 2018)

Seungwoo Je, Minkyeong Lee, Yoonji Kim, Liwei Chan, Xing-Dong Yang, and Andrea Bianchi.

In Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ‘18).

​MAScreen: Augmenting Speech with Visual Cues of Lip Motions, Facial Expressions and Text Using a Wearable Display (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2020 Emerging Technologies)

Hyein Lee, Yoonji Kim, Andrea Bianchi.

SIGGRAPH ASIA 2020 Emerging Technologies

DOI | Paper

How was it made (Wind-blaster)

Seungwoo Je, Hyelip Lee, Myung-Jin Kim, Minkyeong Lee, Yoonji Kim, Youngkyung Choi, Andrea Bianchi.

Interactions 26, 1 (January 2019), 14-15.

Other Projects

Mystic Message

Yoonji Kim*, Hankyung Kim*, Minkyeong Lee*, Woohun Lee (2018)

Media Interaction Design Project

*These researchers contributed equally to this work.


Yoonji Kim*, Joon Hyub Lee*, Sang-Gyun An*, Bogyeong Kim*, Sangmin Bae (2017)

Design Project

*These researchers contributed equally to this work.

Academic Service


ACM SIGGRAPH Asia E-tech 2019

ACM DIS 2020

ACM CHI 2020